First time posting one of my songs on here.
Let me know what you think.
It's not finished quite yet..i have more written, just haven't figured on how i'm going to put it in yet. There's one part that sounds quite like ants of the sky by between the burried and me....i'm thinking about getting rid of it because it sounds a little too similar.
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Damn that was epic even on the Midi file. Sounds pretty good to me. A few notes in there that I don't agree with but nothing in particular. And there are some parts that could use some more energy. Overall it is a great song.
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dude that riff is a blatant rip off of ants of the sky lol, and a riff at around 31 or something also sounds very like a BTBAM song, cant remember which song tho.
I thought it was great. Very proggy, that makes me happy. I loved those evil sounding diminshed harmonies too.

Crit mine?