well, I've always wanted to play a bass and I got a chance today. Even though I had know Idea what I was doing, I seemed alittlemore connected to it than a guitar. I've only been playing guitar for a few months, I don't know when I'd even get enough money to get a bass for a while but do you think that I should make the transition? And if yes, what is a good starters bass?
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People will say its easier, it isnt.

It isnt harder either.

See you could learn guitar and play Dream Theater, and shred. Which is hard.

Or you could learn guitar and play All-American Rejects, and Fall Out Boy.

Same with bass,

Most people say its easy cause all they learn the first year is Green Day, etc.

While REAL bassists would learn how to groove, jam and in no time they are playing Primus, Rush and Jaco

Really, its all preference.
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Bass is a lil technical but its just the standard how hard you pick, where your picking, and how you move your fingers thats about the only real difference.