Well, I've heard from various places different things to use on a fretboard.

But i've had my guitar for almost a year and a half, and it was bought used, so I don't know when/if ever the fretboard has been cleaned/conditioned. I know I should probably use Lemon Oil, but I unfortunately don't have any, nor do I have the choice of going and getting any type of fretboard cleaner/conditioner, in the near future anyway, since a string snapped, and I need to replace the strings, so I figured i'd try and do something while the strings were off.

So is there any household item that won't harm the wood? It's made of Rosewood. I've heard lighter fluid, window cleaner, pretty much everything, but I cannot damage the fretboard, since this is the only guitar i'll probably have for awhile.

Or should I just skip it this time and wait for another 3+ months?

Also, what's some household product that I can just go over the body and pickups with?
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