I was really hoping this thread would have been referencing the SNL skit, "Really?"

Anyways, who doesn't like the Templars!?
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awesome band! i was obsessed with them a summer or two ago. i have 2 cds and a 10' of theirs.

and hey hooligan you live in LA. you should check out my friends bands playing there this summer at chucos justice center

(saturday) July 12

Intifada (latino hardcore from chicago)
Abrade (powerviolence grind from chicago)
Mugre (this band is awesome their 7' is so good!)
hoy pinoy

i tried to post the flyer but photobucket got updated and my computer cant use it anymore.
yeah the templars deff deserve more credit than they get.
and yeah i'll make sure to catch that show

anyone else dig crusader rock?
I think pretty much everyone who's a regular here knows them and that's why they're not mentioned much.

Anyway, they're awesome.