Hey guys, got some money to spend on an album on Itunes. Whats any good shredder soloist instrumental album, BESIDES PAUL GILBERT JOE SATRIANI STEVE VAI OR YNGWIE OR JASON BECKER?
ask in the shred forum.

Andy Timmons-that was then this is now.
Guthrie Govan- Erotic Cakes

but there's 2 just because I'm awesome.


if you can find it

Shawn Lane-Powers of ten


rusty cooley- s/t also good for all out shred.
Rhythm in Jump. Dancing Close to You.

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you should take this to the shred forum... you arent gonna find any good shred artists besides the ones you excluded on itunes...

but i'll tell you some even though i doubt you'll find them on itunes
Neil Zaza- my fav albums by him are "two hands one heart" "thrills and chills" "staring at the sun"

actually thats the only other one i can think of =(

i'm assuming you've excluded those guitarists because you've already heard a good bit of them?

actually... marty friedman i didnt see in your title =PP

definitely check out "loudspeaker" and "dragons kiss"
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Michael Shencker - Adventures of the Imagination
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