Hows it going guys. I'm primarily an acoustic player, but recently dusted off the old electric guitar. It's been good, but its like I've forgotten how to play electric, I can't even use a pick properly, I'm so used to playing with my fingers. I also can't remember any songs I used to play, just a few riffs, I've been poking around some tabs but cant decide what to learn. Can anyone recommend a good song to learn, one those songs that make you grow as a player, looking for general rock (no shred, although solos are ok).
Hmm, Deep Purple - Burn if you want something simple. If you want something for a bit more skill, Black Sabbath - Hole in the Sky.
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Learn some Black Keys stuff, and maybe some Government Mule. Both of those guitarists fingerpick.

If you want some picking songs, play Pride and Joy and maybe Manic Depression or Hey Joe. Or Little Wing.