I've been building a my own acoustic guitars lately and the past two I've made have been for a certain purpose. One is a banjo style guitar and the other is meant for slide guitar. Well now I want to build a decent acoustic guitar meant for realistic playing and stuff. I bought some tuning pegs and realized I could go 12 string if I wanted to. I know Jimi did a great song (Hear My Train A Coming? maybe?) on 12 string and Zeppelin did a number of songs with a 12 string....I'm sure other great things happened on 12 strings. My point? As far as blues playing goes, 12 string or 6 string? I am aware 12 strings put more tension on the neck and I'm going to have to make a better effort at building the neck and stuff. Any extra pointers would be appreciated.

I stuck a youtube link in my profile and you can check me out playing my guitars and my actual guitars that I didn't make.
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12 strings aren't really for blues. They add a sort of chorus sound to strumming, but for individual strings it can be clumsy, because its pairs of strings.
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12 strings are great for rhythm (see Leadbelly, Led Zeppelin...) but are pretty hard to do lead on.

I'd recommend doing a six string.
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Alright that's cool then. I was just saying since the tuning heads could easily do 12 strings. Anybody got any tips on what shapes give what sound?