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No, I'm a pussy, and I fear cancer
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YES, I AM A MAN; CANCER FEARS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm a faggot who sits on the sidefence like a queer.
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I'm getting quite sick of people telling me to stop smoking.

Only pussies quit smoking, and to be completely honest, I would quit, if it meant I wouldn't be like all you ignorant ****s out there who cry about it all the time. But, unfortunately, quitting, would by default, turn me into a non-smoker, and quite frankly, I enjoy not being a self-righteous mouth piece.

First off, cancer is a sign of manhood. Men get cancer, real men, get it twice.

You are not immortal. While I smoke, I do plenty of exercise and eat decently, for some reason, all you ****s out there, seem to believe that not smoking is the key to immortality, for some reason, you have the audacity to claim to be more fit than all those who smoke! Well, here's something amazing, YOU'RE ALL GOING TO DIE....... Probably a lot sooner than I too, considering for the most part, the lot of you sit on your asses and do **** all each week, wasting away, watching your cholesterol get to such a high level that when you brush your teeth, you can almost see it crawling out of your throat.

You're all so god damned retarded. 100,000 people die of drink each year... While the rates for smoking, ARE ONLY 20,000 DEATHS HIGHER!!!! HOW CAN YOU JUSTIFY COMPLAINING INCESSANTLY ABOUT SMOKING, WHEN DRINKING KILLS ALMOST THE EXACT SAME NUMBER OF PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!! Oh that's right, because you're a dirty, filthy slut, who gets plastered every weekend, wakes up being gang banged, passes out, then wakes up again on a golf club...

I forgot, we only hate the drugs that aren't "fun". Well you know what, instead of me quitting, you go learn something about the toxic substances you drink each weekend, then have a cigarette and tell me that smoking doesn't kick ass...

You all cry so much about your God damned rights as well, "oh I have the right to not have to smoke second hand smoke" - Yea, because the chances of you dying because of me are so high... Almost as high as the chances, of an Albanian midget spontaneously appearing, and kicking me in the crotch.... You know what, yea, you are smoking my second hand smoke, **** you, you bastard, that's my smoke and I ****ing want it back, next time anybody breathes my second hand smoke, they buy me a 10 deck to make up for the fact, that they just stole smoke, that could have gone into my lungs. Here's an idea, if you don't wanna smoke second hand smoke, DON'T SIT BESIDE SOMEBODY WHO'S SMOKING A CIGARETTE, IT ONLY STANDS TO BE LOGICAL, THAT IF YOU DON'T LIKE RAPE, YOU DON'T HANG AROUND WITH BLACK PEOPLE, THE SAME LOGIC APPLIES HERE, IF YOU DON'T LIKE CIGARETTE SMOKE, THEN DON'T SIT BESIDE THE GUY, WHO'S CHAIN SMOKING.

I'll get cancer you say?
1. Curing cancer is all about early detection, when I turn 19 I will be getting check ups twice a year. Suck me.
2. Smoking only causes 3/10 cancer DEATHS, that's a 3/10 chance, that I'll die as a result of cancer I got through smoking... I'll take that chance. That's a 30% chance of death. Most people deal with higher chances of death on a daily basis, going about their normal daily routine... Especially those people who try talking to me about stopping smoking, they usually incur about a 55% chance of death, which isn't bad, but I doubt it's worth the risk.

In fact, logically, since 7/10 cancer deaths are caused by things that aren't smoking, I've actually chosen the lesser evil.

"Treating illness and disease caused by smoking is estimated to cost the NHS up to £1.7 billion every year." You know what I say to that? GOOD, ****ING GOOD, I'M GLAD IT DOES, THAT 1.7 BILLION? THAT'S THE PRICE OF BEING A CONDESCENDING ****! THAT'S IS ESSENTIALLY OUR CHARGING YOU, FOR BEING A PRICK.

Passive smoking can cause illness you say? Yea, **** you, you get a little wheezy for half a minute, wanna know what I recommend? Taking up smoking, seriously, haven't been wheezy in years, gets you used to it.

We're not allowed adverts for a product that kills 120,000 people a year, but straight after that non-smoking advert, we are greeted with beer adverts? A drug that kills 100,000 people a year?


New rule, if you drink, you have no right, NO RIGHT AT ALL, to ever complain about the following
1. Me blowing smoke in your face.
2. The fact that I smoke.
3. People smoking in bars.

What the **** is that even about?

We're allowed to do a drug that causes considerably more in damages, every year, a drug that kills 100k people a year, but not a drug that creates no cost in damages that kills 120k people a year? How can you seriously be so ****ing worried about your health if you to a bar and get plastered, how can you seriously complain about smoking when you do that?


And let's face it, when I go driving with a cigarette in my mouth, I don't ****ing run people over, I don't have a cigarette, then decide that I want to go kick a window in, or get involved in a bar fight...

People are so ****ing idiotic.

So, I'm starting a campaign.

I call it, smokers against non-smoking assholes who drink, but think that passive smoking is what's going to kill them...

If you're a non smoker, or somebody who drinks, yet still fears smoking, then there is a massive part of me, that ****ing hates you with as much wrath and vengeance as my soul can muster. I don't want you to finish reading this and think, "lol it's an Aaron blog, he doesn't really hate me", because I ****ING DO. YOU'RE A SELF-RICEOUS, PUSSY FAGGOT ****. YOU MIGHT AS WELL BE A ****ING ****** JEW TO ME. Don't get me wrong I'll still talk to you, and be nice and yea, we'll still be friends. But there will always be a part of me, that just sees you, just as I see gay ****** Jews.