I really like the tone that John Myung gets at the beginning of Dream Theater's song "Home." Does any one know what effects/settings to use to come close to it.

Video with the song: linky
Sounds like a sort of bass-cut fuzz, if you can whip something together that can do that ;p .
Think of a fuzz effect (light distortion), with the bass frequencies cut out.

They may not be entirely cut out but they take a back seat, I'll fiddle around on my ME-50B and see if I can get a similar sound.

EDIT: A Mid boost and a light Hi-pass distortion seemed to do it well, but the punchiness comes from playing technique.
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I always considered overdrive to be a lighter distortion... but regardless Myung is either running an overdrive or a touch of fuzz.

And I don't think the bass is cut out as much as his tone is fairly middy

EDIT: Is it just me, or does the verse kind of sound like Alice in Chains?