So I just got my Blackheart Little Giant stack and was wondering if the Eminence that is in it is a good speaker or if I should swap for a better one. If I should, which one should I go with?
probably depends of your style and the tone you want to get. are you single guitarrist? lead? rithym? that is good to know too

Get the tubes swapped out first.
The speaker probably hasn't even been broken in yet.
And, it's a fine speaker.
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tubes get switched first, then the speaker. but for the low of wattage i dont imagine the speaker making that much of a difference at all, compared to the tubes.
^ Wrong, speakers do make a big difference, bigger so than tubes IMO.

But, the speaker is good, so the tubes are then the weakest link.
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+1 on the switching the tubes first

afaik, the team that designed it think the speaker to be a perfect match for the amp - i dont believe its a bad speaker tbh


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Quote by MrCarrot
^ Wrong, speakers do make a big difference, bigger so than tubes IMO.

But, the speaker is good, so the tubes are then the weakest link.

i disagree. its such a low wattage i doubt it would really make a difference. why do you think so many people switch tubes before they get a new cab or something?
^that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

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well it must mean b/c she's more important according to your way of thinking. i'm sure you're just assuming it's more important b/c you've seen it proposed that way by so many here on UG.

the speakers in the blackhearts-just like in ANY other amp- need to be broken in before you start assuming they're not good enough. mine gets slight fuzzy sound when i dime the volume and add OD, and that's prolly b/c it's only had about 4 or 5 hours of total play time on it.

tubes are EQUALLY important as the speaker(s).

but this is only MY opinion.
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Ok so tubes first, I think everybody agrees on that. How about trying to answer the guys question now about the speakers because I was wondering the same thing. lol I was considering changing the stock speaker out with a Celestion Blue, after I change the tubes of course.