Hail! I've got a dilemma between an RG321MH and a B.C.Rich KKV (da 1 wit da basswood body & B.D.S.M. humbuckers) - I'm gna buy 1 outta the two, but which? Give me your unbiased opinion (if that sorta "opinions" r possible lol!) and plz dont post things like "All low-end b.c.rich guitars are crap"...(looks do matter). Those who actualy own either of these 2 models could enlighten me (how do u play a V sitting down?), thanx!
Well, I have a BC Rich, and an Ibanez. The Ibanez is better in every way, except a stunning look.

Go with the Ibanez.
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The neck and fret access is better on the Ibanez, and it has a lot more manageable pickups. The neck joint on the KKV makes it a bit harder to sweep and just generally play on the higher frets.
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I'd rather go with the 321MH... mostly because I own one...

Though I will say, though I own one, I've used it barely three times at most, and generalyl speaking I don't think it's avery great guitar. It's vaguely 'good' for the money, but it won't blow you away, there is nothing great about it, and I've played a lot of guitars that are better than it and cheaper.

I think it's a bit of an odd comparison anyway. You're comparing a basswood V to a mahogany super-Strat? The RG321 also comes in a basswood variation (with active pickups instead of the MH's passive pickups, I think), which would be a fairer comparison.

For general playability, the Ibanez is a better buy, no doubt about it. Super-Strat style with a better neck join makes that one a no-brainer.

For tone, they're two different guitars. The 321MH will have a heavier, thicker tone, though the basswood version of the 321 will probably be more equal.
Thanx guys for the replies.
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I think it's a bit of an odd comparison anyway. You're comparing a basswood V to a mahogany super-Strat?

bokuho, the KKV is up for sale at USD350 & the RG321MH has gotta be imported - which means with tax (crazy rates here in SL!), shipping fee & guitar shop guy's profit itz gna be well over USD500 (I need to know that I'm gna spend that extra amount of cash for a damn good reason). Besides this RG doesn't have a trem & da MH body is actualy 3pc.