Poll: Which A-Barre chord do you prefer?
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View poll results: Which A-Barre chord do you prefer?
The basic A barre
11 28%
The double barre!
26 65%
I can't do any barre chords...
3 8%
Voters: 40.
So, I've been playing for like 3 to 4 years now, but I still am not sure if I'm doing the right thing with my barre chords. Yeah, I know I'm dumb but so what?

Anyway, I'm not talking about the E-chord-based barre chord.

I'm talking about the double barre...

I just wanna know which do you guys prefer most. The first way to hold the chord, or the second way?

The first way, is here... It's the basic A chord with a bar.

The second way is here... It's the double bar!

I'll make a poll too...

As for me, I can do both of them but when I do the double barre, I would mute the high e string... While when I do the normal A chord bar, the first way, I'd get a clear sound, except that in both, the low E string is muted.

So, please fill up the polls?

PS: I'm sorry if the pics are kinda big!
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When strumming through a load of different chords, I tend to use the double barre method for convenience; but the basic A shape makes changing between the sus2 and major chords easier.
The double barre makes it possible to play suspended chords with your other fingers on a higher fret than the second barre. At least, that's why I learned it that way.
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I personally prefer the double barre.
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your not actually playing the A barre chord. thats a D barre chord. (if that was your question)

i'm lazy so double barre for me.
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^That is not my question.

Still, how in the world did you know that I was barring the fifth fret? For all you know, I might as well bar the third fret as a D chord I was barring the fifth though
I try and do the double barre. The 'A' style just gets too hard once you get past the fifth or sixth fret, the spacing just becomes too small to fit three fingers in there at once.
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I use the double barre. Although the double barre stops the high E string from playing, that doesn't have to be a bad thing. The A chord doesn't need the E from the high string because the E is played on the D string. Its a personal preference which chord sounds best. They are both correct.
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I try and do the double barre. The 'A' style just gets too hard once you get past the fifth or sixth fret, the spacing just becomes too small to fit three fingers in there at once.

Hehe, I have super thin fingers; I can fit all four fingers into the twelfth fret. which is why I'm using the single barre at the moment -- my puny ring finger won't hold the double barre properly and I don't have problems fitting my fingers in. I'm working on being able to use both though.
^I would try to use the pinky to bar except that my pinky never has enough power to bar enough strings...

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