So I've had my guitar for about a year now and it's been through 1 and 1/2 winters in Minnesota. Seems that (depending on the string) I get a slight buzz from the 9th fret up (I have to pick pretty aggressively, but it is definitely there). Is it time for a visit to the guitar shop to adjust the truss rod?

Also, I was wondering how to lengthen the time between these trips. I know it's best to keep your guitar in a warm, humid place, but will a bit of cold and dry air mess up the neck? I run a humidifier in my dorm and try to keep it warm but sometimes it just doesn't work especially when roommate decides to open the window. Also, is there such a thing as TOO warm or humid?

Edit: Also, is it at all bad for the guitar to have the truss rod adjusted?
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There is nothing wrong with adjusting the truss rod, that's it purpose for being there. So definately if you need it to be adjusted, then go ahead