Ok guys, this summer im planning on buying a new amp. I think ive narrowed it down to these two. Obviously there is a big difference in price so i need some help. I really like to play classic rock like zeppelin, floyd, boston, black sabbath etc. Im interested in a little blues also. In an earlier post, i read that the classic 30 would be best for me but i wanted to atleast consider the blackheart and get some opinions on it cause ive heard its a pretty neat amp. I don't plan on doing any gigging in the near future, maybe an occasional jam with another guitar. What do you guys think?
No competition.

Classic 30 wins!

I'm gonna be getting, and I dont' think im gonna be doing an gigging. just playing at home at probably 3 volume, and 12 when parents leave.
for ur volume needs, the blackheart would at least be able to be cranked a lot more. the classic 30 doesn't even need to be fully cranked to be heard over a drummer.

now i'm not gonna say the blackheart is better IMO cuz i haven't played the peavey, but the blackheart WILL do what you're wanting perfectly fine. it's pretty much a mini marshall. an OD pedal gets it into really heavy thrashy style metal.
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what if he wants a really clean sound coming out too?

It does clean very well too. Not loud enough to get over a drummer but loud enough to jam with another Guitarist.
Classic 30.
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classic 30
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actually it can be clean at drumming volumes. it's a very warm clean tone, w/ some breakup if you hit the strings hard enough. but it's not as distorted as everyone's thinking, just roll ur volume off a bit, and strum lightly. that's how you do it.

of course more people here have classic 30s and such and they've been around longer and have a rep already, so they're gonna be recommended by more people.

but blackheart takes pride in making their amps to last
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"They call him the 'Sand Spider.' -Why? -Probably because it sounds scary"
*Agile AL3000 Les Paul w/ Alnico IIs
*Randall RM50
*Dunlop CFH
*fellow LEO feel free to give a shout out
C30 Ftw!!!!
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Classic 30. I have played both and I own the Peavey. In the long run and grand scheme of things it's well worth it to spend a little more $$$ and get a lot more bang.