Yay, some classical! This is my area.

Check out my sig for some of my classical works (Cathedral, Back to 17th and Jason).
I've like 1000 of these that I need to upload... gotto record my 2 symphonies too, they're the best I did.
(you can add me on myspace if you want).

I'll listen to your stuff now:
The Everglades - felt a littlebit random in the build up; not much to say here really. It was kinda average!

Suburban Sunset - sounds more like jazz than classical music; but sounds great. With a piano and sax this could be played in clubs or so, cool stuff. Sounds more like you added your heart into this piece, really beutifull. Great job.

The Murderers - here you express some strange feelings aswell and some more interesting chord changes. All parts fit together in a strange way. I like it!

/Fred =)
The Everglades sounds a bit formless, like it's not really going anywhere, no real substanc

Suburban sunsets is a bit better,though I wasn't hugely impressed. There was no sense of progression, it just felt like if it a note was in tune, it was played, not very much in the way of interesting phrasing.

I enjoyed The Murderers much more. I liked the strange vibe, and I felt it was structured better.

I've gotta take into consideration that this is on midi, I'm sure I'd be more receptive on hearing them recorded with live instruments.
Overall, quite good work.

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