I'm using my old bullet for my lower tunings right now, but when I play with my band (which means fairly loud) i get tons of feedback, which I'm pretty sure is because of the pickups I have. I think I'm just gonna buy one pickup to replace my neck pickup since I don't really use my other ones that much (I've already talked to my brother and he said he could help me rout out my guitar to fit the humbucker.)

Could someone recommend me a nice pickup? I'm not sure on the price range of pickups here, but I don't want to go much more than 100 usd.
A hot rail.

Maybe it feedbacks because you're GIGGING WITH A SQUIER!

Dear god man...

Also, check the wiring, it may not be the pups at all, just a ground issue.

Or just get a noise gate. =\
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Single coils usually get more feedback than a humbucker, try a noise gate pedal, that could help. You can also shield your guitar if you know how to (shielding is just putting a certain metallic tape on your electronics cavity, stopping humming), and if the problem continues, you could buy a single coil sized humbucker. Maybe that would help your feedback issues.
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Since squires have ****ty tone put an active emg or something in it so it masks the tone. I personally would just get rid of the squire and get a epi les paul standard and put new pickups in that. The pickups in the epi are still pretty hot but yeah lol.
um, lol to clarify: I'm not actually gigging with it, I'm just using it to practice right now, I do plan on buying another guitar soon to use for this purpose, but I don't really have the money to get a decent guitar yet... but now that I think about it, I'd be better off just putting the money i'd be spending on the pickup towards the new guitar...