So i just finished watching Chappelle's "For what its worth" and my question is this. Whats the song during the intro? you know the one with the really groovy bassline. It sounds really hip-hop influenced yet at the same time still has some instrumentation. I was thinking its possibly by the roots but i could be wrong.
no clue.. but that's a funny ass stand up
Holden Caulfield is a friend of mine.
We go drinking from time to time.

No kidding. I really wish he'd do more of them.
When you saw me sleeping
thought I was dreaming
of you...

I didn't tell you
That the only dream
Is Valium for me
Now it's my turn to ask the same question.
Still can't find the song. the Kanye West - All Falls Down seems the most likely answer.
But it had tiny dif . maybe the intro is played by some band based on this song.
"It's bigger than Hip Hop" is the song he used for Chappelle Show. His standup special "For what its worth" uses something completely different.


Idk what it is, don't recognize it, but it could very well be just some simple jam that was put together just for that. Could be the roots that did it for sure, but I really have no idea. You could try and shazam it.