I have a epi tbird bass here for sale. It's very nice. I've never been into the look of these but I recieved one from a friend and I have to say, this thing is pretty sweet! I've been used to active P and J pickups from a Charvel 3B bass and this thing is far from that. It has dual humbucker pickups that create some serious low tone. I use it for MetallicA and for Jason stuff it does it pretty well. With lots of mids, a big bit of bass and about half full highs it gets "King Nothing" perfect with my pandoras box. Other stuff like black album tones are easy too. Mainly if it's with a pick it sounds good with this. On the other hand, this is not the bass if you want to play Cliff Burton leads. The body starts at 17th fret and the fretboard ends at the 20th so it's not too easy to get the For Whom The Bell Tolls intro and really all of Pulling Teeth. It's also not a very fast neck. It's very fat so it's comfortable but not for speed. And to my ears it doesn't sound the best with fingers, it just seems too boomy and not defined enough like with single coils.

There are a few spots of use on this guitar. One is at the back tip of the headstock, another is on the back. I'm not sure if there are any more.

Price is $200 OBO (very reasonable). Trades are also welcome, give me ANY offer. I'll post pics soon.
For trades, what are you lookin' for. I got a lot of pedals that I'm lookin to get rid of.
Stuff like a Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Wah, Boss Wah, Crybaby, DF7 Distortion Factory, EQ Pedal etc.
But for 200 bucks I'm def. thinkin' of it. I'll get back to ya man.
There really are only three wahs I'm after. The Chrome Morley Tel Ray Power Boost wah (guess why \m/), the dunlop 535Q, and I want to try that Weeping Demon. I'm not too desperate for one right now, I don't even have an amp. And by the way, I'm a lead guitarist, I just love playing bass and drums too. I'm just always looking for fun new things so any offer is encouraged.
I tried the weeping demon wah and it was great for Cliff stuff, I used it with my ProCo Rat. I would tell anyone looking for a bass wah to look into this. As for me, I would take the Morley Boost wah since it's only $50 more.
My question to you is what EQ pedal do you have? I got a Peavey ValveKing VK100 now and it is the best amp I have ever played. I was going to get a Mesa Mark III to get MetallicA tones but this is way better from what I've heard from the mark. It gets the Rat sounds from Kill Em All to the great tones of Justice, to Load, to St. Anger. It get's all the tones. I just want to try an EQ pedal to scoop the mids now.