Poll: What Wire Do You Use? (American WIre Gauge)
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Bigger than 18
1 8%
1 8%
2 15%
3 23%
2 15%
3 23%
Smaller than 26
1 8%
I don't know AWG
3 23%
6 46%
4 31%
Voters: 13.
What wire gauge do you use for your guitar/ related projects?

I've been using AWG 26. It's much easier than the bigger stuff.
But is there any loss of signal because the wire is so small?

Also, stranded or solid?

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theres no loss of signal, the guitar signal is so damn small you arent going to lose anything. ALAWYS buy stranded, solid wire breaks very easily inside of its little tube, then you are basically effed because you dont know which wire it is.
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