Alright, so ive been playing guitar for about 2 months, and i've learnt how to play some songs but i have a question about my guitar... Have any of you ever played or heard a peavey electra fat strat copy being played??? I was wondering if i should get a new guitar, but this guitar seems to sound great to me!! I was just asking since i dont know much about how guitars sound.
Everybody could use more guitars. Go to Guitar Center if you've never heard another guitar. It's a magical place.
Cant attest to the sound of that specific model, but my advice would be to go to a music store like guitar center if you have one in your area, and play some higher quality guitars there. (Remember to take picks).

Something else to take in mind wuuld be that if you hold out a bit longer, you can get a better idea of what style you enjoy playing most and then buy a guitar that fits that style well

and thats my 2 cents
Don't upgrade after 2 months, waste of money. Wait until you get better, and can try to find 'that tone' that you've been looking for.