roland cubes are pretty good practice solid states, those and vox valvetronix's. I have a cube 30 for sale if youre interested.
imo, just get the 30 watt version. the 60 is overkill for jamming and practising at home, but not really enough for gigs. 30 is perfect for at home and stuff
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Yeah I have a cube 60 and basically the good tones you can get are metal, classic 70s rock ie AC/DC, eric clapton etc and cleans aren't bad. So if you want a good tone its great the only thing is it must have been some retard who designed it i.e both channels use the same e.q. and the effects are overkill and you cn only really change the speed of them but still its a pretty sweet amp.
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How much?

$100 will need to figure out shipping for your location
he already has a 30 W solid state.

if you have a 30W then maybe it's time to move up to something like a peavey classic 30 tube combo.

just a thought.
im sure u'll like the cube 60, but u might just outgrow too soon.

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i've had my cube since november and i love it.
i really like the sound im getting out of it.

i would get the 30x because the 60 is ****ing loud. and if you're not gigging or anything then its useless to spend more money on the 60.
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