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I guess ill help...Pinch harmonics arent located on the neck like other harmonics, its a totally different technique. Crank up your distortion first of all. play an open strings...try any string besides High E or B...there harder to get a sound out of.

Just play the string open, then place your finger on the string over the pickups and remove, so your just lightly tapping it then take your finger off...keep doing this on different places on the string between the neck and the bridge until you hear a harmonic. thats what your going for, but youll do it a different way.

pluck the string like normal, but im assuming you use a pick, so choke up on the pick a bit. IMMEDIATELY after you strike the string, hit the flesh of your thumb on the string, just like you did with your finger before...you have to kinda turn your wrist over...you wanna do this smooth, in one motion...thats about all I can say...

as for tapping...imagine your just doing a hammer on and pulloff lick, pulling off to an open string...now imagine that your first finger is the new nut, and your right hand it now your other finger...I dont really know how to explain that well.
Check out justinguitar.com

He has videos that should help incredibly for both techniques.

Good luck!
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Where are Pitch Harmonics located on the guitar, And how do you tap properly???

Here, read this...


It amazes me how many people try and play harmonics without learning anything about how and why they occur. Once you understand the science behind them there's no mystery to them at all.
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