Hopefully the title wasn't too obvious.

I got a single coil pickup from my squier I took out a long time ago. I'm trying to wire it up to a stereo jack which is a pain in the ass. How could I wire it up to a stereo as mono? Or is stereo the only option? And when I do wire it up why doesn't it work?

It's wired up like a Y. The left and right are two seperate wires, but twisted[shielded too] to form a Y and connect at the lead/white wire on the pickup. The ground wire is hooked up to the ground on the jack. Why doesn't it pick up the vibrations from the strings on my acoustic OR electric?

Fact: I know it will work somehow, Kurt Kobain's acoustic that was used on his unplugged concert had 2 electric humbuckers in it. And just for proof:

I got some good guitars, yo.

The type of mount for a single coil you might want to look into would be the Epiphone John Lennon Acoustic-Electric. It's a better example.

I'm not sure how you are attempting to wire it, but your pickup may have been damaged if it is producing no sound in the correct wiring. Look at these diagrams for some information on wiring a single coil (with either one volume or volume and tone):


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