I've been playing a Monterey Les Paul copy for about 5 years now. Picked it up in early high school because it was affordable. I seriously can't tell you how many problems it has had.

Among other things.. Neck is bent and absolutely retarded. (probably partially my fault, although the high E 16th fret never worked)
Neck is weak and any movement seems to cause a lovely multi string bending effect. haha
Intonation is terrible.
Sound is mediocre at best.

Being a uni student I am really low budget at the moment, however I will be buying a moderately priced metal guitar in the future. In the mean time however.. how would I go putting an EMG 81 or a seymour duncan blackout into this terribad les paul? And once I have done so, can I pull it out again and put it in a new guitar without any degradation or anything?
To be perfectly honest, that really sounds like a waste. Although you would be able to take the pickup out later with no harm done, I think it's pointless. Just save up for the other guitar.

EDIT: I'm saying this because getting an EMG or a blackout isn't a magical solution the will make your guitar sound amazing. If it's a crappy guitar, it'll still sound bad.
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if i were you i would either

A) trash the guitar you have now
B) sell the parts to buy a better guitar
C) see a guitar tech

if you want the guitar you have now it would be very advisable to see a guitar tech now because the intonation and action problems you are having may be irreversible. at least you may be able to get an estimate on what it would cost to fix, and then you an make an informed dicission. BTW, good luck bro.
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Spend the money on going to a tech and having it set up properly.

If the fretwork is bad, have it fixed. If the neck is bent, have it replaced.

After a proper setup, see how you like the guitar. If you still want another pickup after that, feel free to do so, but imho it's never a wise decision to install a new pickup as a way of magically fixing a guitar.
To be honest, if you are thinking of putting in EMGs and buying a metal guitar, then its accepted you're a metal guy...

so you'll be playing with lots of distortion probably....

...and terrible intonation plus a multi-string bending effect when you move the neck + gain... well, at least to me, that sounds like an awful idea....

Just save up for a nicer guitar
For the same price as those pickups you could buy a pretty sweet used guitar. Not sure where you are from, but if its in the US go here

www.musicgoround.com or www.daddys.com and buy yourself something nice.

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I'm actually from Australia.

I will most certainly buy a new guitar somtime in the future when money permits. This was more of a hypothetical gradual step in the right direction. See, most of the guitars I'm looking at here, like the LTD EC 1000 and M 1000 are around about 2 grand, which might be a little out of reach. So I'm thinking about grabbing something for a grand, or just over, and possibly throwing said emg pickups into it anyway.

Thanks for the replies anyway Good advice.. Looks like it's time to start saving.
ive never played one, but apparently schecters are pretty nice guitars.

they sell pretty cheap over here too, might be worth looking at.
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