I have recently discovered the magic that is DADGAD. Any fun songs to play other than the obvious kashmir?
all that remains all of their stuff is in this tuning

six and we stand would be songs i recommend
I would explore Nick Drake

h emay not have used this exact arrangement, but your obvious "testing" of the waters means that you are open to new tonalites and tunings.

likewise more obtuse bands like "six organs of admittance" would be ggood to look at.

to tell truth with as many repetitive D sounds that you get out of that tunning i would look at replicating a sort of Sitar sound. But that is just my curiosity telling you that.
i enjoy head
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lots of Fall Out Boys songs are played drop d

Great, but we're talking about open D sus4.
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Oh I love this tuning. My Danelectro is DADGAD standard. And nót just because of Kashmir!

No-one mentioned White Summer/Black Mountainside , Jimmy Page's classic. It's DADGAD all the way through, Check out the live version on youtube!
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I love how every time DADGAD is mentioned everyone thinks its a drop D thread.

Also to the PG video, the first time he changes the tuning it'd be EAEGBe rather than DADGAD. But it'd work the same way, only a step lower
gone in the morning - newton faulkner
that is a pretty fun song if you have someone to sing along or you can sing
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