Im going to be playing my acoustic at a restaraunt this coming weekend and it will just be instrumental, no singing or anything so i figured i should learn some good fingerpicking songs so its somewhat entertaining and delightful to the ear. If you could recommend some songs to me that would be great. So far i have:

Nothing Else Matter(Up until Solo)
Tears In Heaven
Dust In The Wind

Just so you can get an idea. Please help me out peops. thanks.
Tommy Emmanuels version of day tripper is a fun piece to play and listen to. Also Let it be, i'm not sure if its on this site though, a finger picking version rather than just strumming.
Right well i Fingerpick only at the moment *for the last 2 years* I suggest something like Broken by seether or 2 die 4 by john 5. Both of those should be ok. Dunno if thats too easy or too hard but harder than dust in the wind.
Alright I'll check those out, my friend recommend blackbird by the beatles but it sounds a little funky to me. Ive heard let it be is a lot like dust in the wind so I'll give it a shot. thanks man.
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Yes I can do harder than dust in the wind its just the only fingerpicking songs i know so far. Thanks also man.
Yeah well broken was the first fingerpicking song i learnt Infact it was my second song on guitar Easy start
Hey thanks guys I just checked out both tommy emmanuel's beatles covers and they are perfect. I also checked out 2 die 4 and I love it that will be first on my list to learn. I suppose I'll give blackbird a shot maybe its just the power tab that sounds funky. Thanks again all.
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Austin Tour Pro Guitar: See-Thru Cherry
B-52 LS-100 Half Stack
Korg Multi-Effect Processor

Schecter Omen-5 Bass
Crate BT-100 Bass Amp
john lennon's imagine is very easy, recognisable, and plays on "auto pilot" im sure your concetration will zone in and out if they have you up there for more than an hour at a time.
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do a more complex version of twinkle twinkle little star, throwing in the melody notes over some jazzy chords. People are always interested in hearing something they already know in a fresh way. Also you could try crazy on you by heart or hallelujah, preferably the cover by Jeff Buckley.
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A great one I just learned is Anji originally done by davy graham, I believe Bert Janch and paul simon did a version to. It was a little tricky for me to get the syncopated rhythm right for a couple of days. Just hit you tube and do a davy graham anji, I think their is a video lesson out there to help you through the trickier parts that tab doesnt quite explain well.