Got it as a factory 2nd, from a dealer afew months ago. Its Semi hollow, with Graphtech "GHOST" Piezo saddles (replicates the sound of an Acoustic) with two Humbuckers. Set neck with a really nicely carved neck joint, and feels really solid. This can go from Metal to Jazz instantly, esp if you replaced the stock pickups.

Great guitar, I just dont need any more 6 strings.


Looking for $450 US shipped in North America
looks like a very nice guitar. is it 3 volumes and 1 master tone? and a switch to turn on/off the piezo?
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one is the volume of the piezo, and other is vol/tone. theres a small switch there for the piezo too.

not really wanting any trades because theres not much i want. Maybe a ibanez AEG10N in orange, wish cash. What do u have.
nah not interested in anything from gibson/associates. Could you sell it or get some kinda money for it?
free bump for awesome guitar,endless sustain and the neck is soooo comfortable

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dude i thought you weren't gonna sell it!? damn now that i gone and spent my money...
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I dunno, I wanna clear the 6 strings out, I ordered a Carvin bolt for teaching, but rest is gonna be 7 strings.

Try to get more money lol
I have either I Randall RH200 head with a Legion Sound cabinet or a Crate Blue Voodoo 6212 combo tube amp if you are interested. Also where are you located?
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in Canada

Sorry, maybe if you were local I'd take a look at the Blue Voodoo, but not really interested in any amps atm, esp having to ship them (and when I need cash for my 7 string custom)
Just 350 up here bro Nor. Cal
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