i began by a few catchy lines i was thinking about and kind of developed it into a lead riffy ending with a bass line so i can remain the structures. i think it best fits alternative but you can tell me. i mostly focused on the lead guitar so i just filled the bass with something repetitive but it's still good so please bare with me =) any criticizes or thoughts would be well valued
Sounded pretty good overall but the tabbing of the song itself wasn't very efficient.

At one part of the song you had 15-14-10-7

Which in my opinion, had some unnecessary movement, you could have gone to the 12th fret of the next string instead.

The song itself was good, but the way it was tabbed wasn't.
thanks for the input, i mean really, heh i focused so much into making it and didn't even worry about the finger positions. by that you can tell i never played it on the guitar =)
Very nice. But the bassline has nothing to do with the guitar part.
Overall it's good.