I got an OLDER sought after SX shortie bass off someone on Talkbass afew months ago, but I decided to sell both my basses to focus more on guitar, so I wanna get at least near how much I paid for this bass. Its a sweet bass, and its a Short scale (30") so it feels amazing for guitarists.

It has a jackson preamp installed by last owner, and he put some awesome pickguard on it too. Its in pretty good condition, played afew times at band practice and home but other than that its been sitting on a git stand since december basically.

Looking for $150 US shipped in North America
any other basses?
take a trade?
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Dont really see anything you have that would interest me, but send offers.. id MAYBE consider something, mainly the things im looking for is an ibanez AEG10N classical, and uh thats about it lol.

I dont use effects, only thing there might interest me is a roland GK3 / GR-33