I have a guitar with an el cheapo Floyd Rose on it, and I have had no real problems with it, one thing pisses me off. When I dump the whammy bar, the strings detune at very different rates. When I dump the whammy bar on my strat, the rate of detuning stays about the same, enough to hold a chord and drop it a down about 3 notes before it starts comeing out of tune.

So, I think that on the floyd because all of the intonation blocks(is that what you call them?) are so staggered that the strings drop differently from each other.
Is there any way to fix this, The guitar has been set up and intonated very well.
Any help would be appreciated(if you could even understand what I'm asking, it's late... and I need sleep...)

Basically the E and G strings go extremely slack.
The A and B strings go very slack
and the d and e strings just go slack
That's normal... sorry. Unless you set all the saddles the same... which I don't know why you'd want to. They'd probably still not all "slack" the same, anyway. The strings have different tensions which is one of the main reasons they have different pitches? lol I'm tired too :p
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There not going to drop at the same rate ever. If they did then frets would be equally spaced because the pitch would increase by the same rates?
Ok guys, thanks for the help.
I was kinda thinking that there was nothing I could do, without screwing up the intonation anyway.