So here goes. I want to build up an effects board, I've already chosen my wah, modulation, and distortion but all that's left is a delay/echo.

I think I've narrowed it down to a Boss RE 20 space echo an mxr carbon copy, or a boss dd 3, I just want your opinion on these pedals or your own recommendations of other pedals.

I play a lot of classic type rock with a bit of more modern sounding stuff mixed in. Think Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Muse, Pearl Jam, or Jimi Hendrix (of course).

So thanks for your advice,

Rock on,

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those are three very different delays you've chosen there. it isn't really possible to say which one, or recommend others, without knowing what you are looking for in a delay.

other delays which might be worth your investigation are the akai headrush, the boss dd 20, the line 6 dl-4 and echo park, the ibanez de-7, and the ehx memory man. these should all be in your price range too.

as for which to choose, it depends what you want. do you want digital or analog (bearing in mind the limitations of analog)? if digital, do you want analog emulation? tape emulation? do you want a looper as well as a delay? do you need tap tempo? do you want a delay that's based on presets (like the re-20 is iirc, and like the dd-20 and dl-4), or do you want something solely based on the knobs in front of you (like the headrush)? do you need long delay times, or would you be content with less than 500ms? do you want the option of modulation on your repeats? do you want multiple outputs? do you want your delay to be able to do a short delay into a longer one (as the boss dd-20 can do for example) or just one delay? are you willing to use ebay (because some pedals are great value if you go via ebay but not so great otherwise)?

i mean, you said you narrowed it down to those pedals, but i'm not sure on what grounds, as those pedals you listed all do very different things. you need to figure out what you want from your delay so that we can suggest delays which do what you want; those delays listed are all very different; you could quite feasibly have all three on your pedal board.
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Thanks for that. I guess ill take a bit more time to think about each one, and ill repost...eventually. Thanks again man.