is it a good idea buying a drum kit, not a proper one, i was thinking of a small kinda of electronic one, sort of like an electric keyboard but with pads on instead of keys, i remember seeing one in argos about 1o years ago. Do these still exist and would you recommend one.
i find the software drumkits a bit cumbersome and i wanna put drum solo's in my recording's
Those little 'drumkits' are just like the ones in Guitar Pro, you're better off with a real drumkit...
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EZDrummer is some great software for drum programming and should be used if you dont have a high end e-drum set or drum machine.

There are drum machines but lower end units dont sound too great to my ear, (except the Alesis SR16) and they are different to program compared to playing an actual acoustic or electric set.

I use e-drums in my studio, a custom trigger setup running the Roland TD6V drum module, I like some of the sounds for now but when I get tired of them I can always trigger EZDrummer with the on board MIDI.

Drum machine
Drum module
Drum program

Whichever you decide to go with is preference and sometimes budget
yeah, it's like anything else. If you invest in good tools, and in learning how to use them, they'll sound fantastic. If you cheap out and don't learn how to use them, they'll sound crap.

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