Not sure if this is the right place for this, but I have trouble writing riffs that fit my songs. I can improvise bluesy solos using scales, and I can put together some cool chord progressions, but that just gives me stuff thats a bit poppy, soft-rock. I want to write more rock stuff, and i feel that to do that, I need to write more riff-driven songs.
To do that, shall i continue improvising in scales until I find something that is catchy and works? Or is there a different approach for riffs?
Cheers, people
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Finding a cool riff is hard, sometimes when you write a riff it just doesn't sound good, or it sounds to much like an improv bit. It is hard. What I like to do is record the chord progression I want to write a riff over, and get a riff from improvising over that. Make sure you are in the mindset of recording a riff though, you will find yourself carried away and end up soloing. That's what I do anyway.
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well for me if i have a riff orientated song it normally starts as a riff which i like and i write the song round it rather than the other way round or ill take all the possible notes and harmonice that go wityh each chord and liek draw a map and then work out how it would work as a rhythm and its tonality to write a riff to a chord progression.
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