omg... a bass player on a guitar forum... holy hell.

anyway tht aside. im just wandering if some kind of hendrix signature exist?
coz i would buy one and keep it in a glass case.. and worship it.

what guitar is it?
made by who?
how much would it be?

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Hendrix Sig Marshall Amps, and Hendrix sig dunlop wah's, otherwise, I don't really know...
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He got his own signature Strat too.
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there's a hendrix flying v made by gibson
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He got his own signature Strat too.
is it discontinued? i dont think ive seen it on fender.com (which means nothing)

to TS:jimi played a 59 strat if that helps at all.
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I personally havent seen a Hendrix sig strat, but there is a reverse headstock '70s strat, which looks like his Woodstock strat. I kno he has a signature Gibson V with a trem and some crazy psychodelic graphics on it. And he has alot of signature effects and amps.
signature Wah
signature Marshall Amp
signature Gibson V
signature Fender Strat (with reversed headstock)
signature picks
there was a hendrix strat at one point. discontinued or not i dont know. but Jimi's guitars look reversed because he was playing a right handed guitar when he was in fact left handed, he'd put his strings on backwards so he cud play left handed properly. with all the money he had after the first few tours and albums no one really knows why he didnt buy a left hander.
hendrix actually played strats from the years 64-68, not 59. also, there were a bunch of hendrix signatures. the woodstock tribute is my favorite, which is an olympic white 1968 left-handed strat strung right handed for righty players. Another cool one is the monterey strat, which was a custom shop reissue of his guitar from monterey. The closest you can get to a hendrix signature now is the 60s reverse headstock strat, it has a reverse headstock and reverse bridge pickup. i think its about $700 from guitar center. I think there was also a noel redding signature jazz bass a while back, which was a 65 reissue jazz bass.
If you look on ebay you can get a Hendrix Voodoo Strat. Also a signature strat, with reverse headstock and his face printed on the neckplate on the back.
They are great guitars and go for under $1,000 (i think Fender made them in 1997) same time as the Monterey Strat which is the most beautiful guitar ever made, if you ask me.