I've been playing barre chords for at least a year now, but I honestly still just can not do the double barre for A major shaped barre chords. Right now I play them using my middle, ring and pinky for the d, g, and b strings. I'd really like to learn the double barre however, as my fingers are sort of big and playing it the way I do ends up being pretty crowded and hurts my fingers if I do it too much. Also the double barre seems like it'd be easier to switch into if I could just get it down right. So, can anyone give me any tips as to how to do it? I just can't get my ring finger to fret the b string without touching the high e. Also, should your index finger be barring the entire neck with some of it hanging off or should the tip of it be touching the low e? Thanks for any help, I'd really like to learn this but I just have no idea how to do it
Oh that took me a while to work out what you were talking about. errm it doesnt really matter if you dont play the high E, its still a major chord. i think i can now - but for ages i didnt bother, you dont really need it. for now just play the A D G and B strings, its fine like that. and if youre still having problems. bring you thumb fither down the bottom of the neck. actually thats better advice do that! place your thumb nearer half way down that black of the neck. that will make it easier to hit the notes.
Yeah the A barre shapes are tough to get down. Just keep practicing and your fingers will get used to them. In the mean time, don't stress over them too much, I used to play a sort of Aadd9 shape for the barres and stay off of the B and E strings. For example, I would fret 5577555 and just play the top of it... It's not really a full sound, but it works a lot of the time.
What do you not understand? I'm basically just asking if anyone has any tips as to how to do the double barre (play an A-shaped barre chord with 2 fingers)
no i had the first post and gave some helpful tips there.

i have no idea what the other guy is on about