is it better to get a micro br or a boss rc-2 Loop Station? i could use the tuner of the micro br and its great to record and transfer to pc but the loop station can connect to an amp but the power supply for it is gonna be a problem (too many wires and plugs), then i could just get a tuner. can u transfer recorded files to the pc with the loop station though? by the way whats tremolo?
With the Micro BR, you record yourself playing and put that onto the computer. The Loop Station is more aimed at live performance and jamming with yourself.

Tremolo is an effect that causes the volume to fluctuate. The "whammy bar" or vibrato unit of the guitar is also, incorrectly, called the tremolo; though this affects pitch, not volume.
The micro br is not made to for the same use as a loop station. Its for recording songs and would be pretty hard to use your foot with.