So basically I'm trying to figure out how to get his tone with what I got. And I'm looking for his Echoes/Pompei tone.

Amp: Fender Blues Jr. (Volume, Master Vol, Treble, Mids, Bass, Reverb, Fat Switch, all go up to twelve.)

Guitar: Custom Schecter C-1 Classic (Swapped out the original humbuckers and added it a third, shouldn't be to hard for me to figure out which settings on my guitar.)

Pedals: Vox Clyde Mcoy Wah, Boss DS-1 Distortion, Ibanez DE7 Delay.

Now I know the Delay is imporant, so here's the pedal http://www.guitarcenter.com/Ibanez-DE7-Delay-Echo-Pedal-150292-i1124257.gc

Thanks in advance.
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I reckon i can get close to the echoes tone, the settings from gilmourish are excellent. I've spent alot of time though perfecting each tone for each song. For example my Sorrow GT8 setting has taken me about 2 months of tweaking, 3 new attempts and a further attempt to make it sound right through PA as opposed to my blues junior. A tip is not to go too far with all of the effects. The delay is crucial and again although the settings on Gilmourish are good they are only an idea, alot of tweaking is needed.

The delay pedal you mention is quite good and is what the gilmourish guy uses so you can always ask for exact settings.

Obviously with My GT8 it's better for me to run my eq pretty flat, but i ad a touch more treble and bass.

Master volume high, volume low so = clean.

Personally as i have a strat i like to use the middle and bridge pickups together to get that slightly more beefed up tone without sacrificing harmonic response.

On a side note i played Sorrow live the other night it was awesome and brought the house down. Unfortunately i had to stay sat down for the whole gig because my leg is still in cast
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