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Beginner Song Program 3.0

Hey all,
Im happy to introduce the new beginner songs program Sorry for the very long delay, and downtime, I've had a few problems (Moved out / trouble getting internet access / moving to a dedicated server) which has prevented me from creating the new version. Hopefully, this one should remain online

Ive made some changes to the layout and styles. It should look a little bit more organised now.

For Users:
  • New! Leaderboard: The leader board displays everyones points
  • New! A Sort function (sort results by artist or title)
  • New! Improved tab search results (displays tabs that are only rated 4 and 5 stars) - Thanks to Reebs for the suggestion
  • Improved overall design
  • Faster Loading of Ajax*
  • Improved song details page, includes a link to UG tabs
  • Improved 'Hardness' rating
  • Lesson Progressions (For beginners to progress through lessons on UG)
  • Basic Stats
  • Simplified submission form
  • A 'Recently Added' list
  • A points system for contributers
  • Seperate sections for guitar and bass songs
  • 'Additional Notes' for contributers to write a little bit if they want

For Volunteers
  • Advanced login program
  • Public Volunteer notes (For volunteers to communicate)
  • Ability to change password / email
  • Ability to stop volunteering automatically (Self-remove from volunteer list)
  • Advanced Song details editor
  • Duplication program (automatically searches for duplicate songs)
  • Database Backup (Creates a XML dump of the database)
  • Lesson manager (Lets you edit the suggested lessons)
  • Various other tools for admins

* Ajax search results will display once the entire page has loaded. I am trying to increase its speed and whatnot.

The Program URL:
Version 1.0
  • Unavailable

Version 2.0
  • Unavailable

Version 3.0

    Bugs / Updates:
    Data loss
    Unfortunatly, the entire song table was held on a database which wasn't backed up sad times. So it looks like the list will be starting fresh. Good news is that there is a "generate backup" program so hopefully it wont happen again

    If you would like to help out on the program, please PM me through ultimate-guitar. I check my PMs daily.

    User Content
    • Adding a "Top Contributers" list. Done
    • Advanced Searching I will work on the advanced search features after fully completing the admin area
    • Help Guide Again, Ill work on this once everything else has been done.

    Volunteer Content
    • New Tool: Search for "pending review" songs Working on it now
    Been away, am back
    Whats with the UG Theme song? There's no tabs. I don't even thin there is one. And yes bartdevil, I am asking you.

    Also "Wake Me Up Inside" by Evanescence has no tabs, the reason for that being the name of the song is really "Bring Me To Life". "Wake Me Up Inside" is just part of the chorus.

    Ok, last one, She "F***ing Hates Me", is really "She Hates Me". These wouldn't be big problems if you actually got tab results when searching them, but you don't.

    I also suggest checking others, as I haven't heard of many songs on the list and there may be more wrong titles or something along the line.
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    Quote by CoheednRHCP
    Whats with the UG Theme song? There's no tabs. I don't even thin there is one. And yes bartdevil, I am asking you.

    Also "Wake Me Up Inside" by Evanescence has no tabs, the reason for that being the name of the song is really "Bring Me To Life". "Wake Me Up Inside" is just part of the chorus.

    Ok, last one, She "F***ing Hates Me", is really "She Hates Me". These wouldn't be big problems if you actually got tab results when searching them, but you don't.

    I also suggest checking others, as I haven't heard of many songs on the list and there may be more wrong titles or something along the line.

    OK, My Bad. UG DOES have a theme, and I really just put it in there for recognition purposes.

    Secondly, I went through my iTunes and added songs I thought were easy. THAT'S how they're named in there. Sorry but I'm not a huge fan of Evanescence or Puddle of Mudd so forgive me if I don't research every name I add in as thoroughly. After all, I think I added about 60 songs in an hour and that can really start to get boring and cumbersome after the first 10 minutes.

    It's up to you as users to point out the inevitable mistakes there are going to be; I went through the list myself and found a few which I then corrected. So thanks, but you really didn't have to be so aggressive about it.

    Edit: They are corrected now.

    Also, Here is the link for the theme (although I grant you that Dyuha has renamed it UG Hymn:
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    Thanks for giving me my details again Logz but for some reason I can't click on the My Account option in the drop down menu in admin area. JavaScript is enabled so it's not that. Awesome version though
    finally, its up again. i have to say that its improved........ALOT. all you need now is more songs and that will come in time. great program!
    Quote by A Tua Prima
    How do u become a user??

    I see the place to log in but nowhere to register.

    You don't become a user in order to use the program. The login is for volunteers (like me) to sort the songs, correct errors and such. To use the list you just click "Guitar Songs" or "Bass Songs" on the tab at the top.

    If you want to volunteer, ask Logz in this thread.
    sorry wrathe, I forgot to set your permissions ('',)

    Should be working now
    Been away, am back
    ^ Check your PMs I sent you a message.

    Erm, looks like theres a problem with the permissions program, im working on it now.

    Been away, am back
    Cool Program!

    I would like to note that KoRn's "Word Up (Cover)" search doesn't work, it does if it's just "Word Up" though.

    Keep up the good work!
    I'll be making some contributions, sweet program.
    Quote by DownInAHole.
    I stuck my dick in a cactus. True story.

    Just an idea, I think we should have a separate page to show beginner bassists good lessons to work through, like the current lessons page but for bassists.
    I'm sorry, I just don't seem to understand what this program is supposed to do. I am a guitar newbie and all I see is a list of songs. Is this a list of songs for newbies to try or what is this supposed to do?
    That's exactly what it is. You can also use the program to find beginner lessons, but that's still being expanded.
    Oh damn, i added some songs where the artist and song name are the wrong way around. song 2 - blur, and louie louie - motorhead

    Are you taking over? Or are you taking orders?
    Are you going backwards? Or are you going forwards?

    i think it's down?

    Edit: no, the "view new version here!" link doesn't work but the link underneath "Version 3" works...sorry

    Edit 2: haha, this is a stupid input but, maybe eliminate duplicates such as Pearl Jam's Last Kiss..unless they're like two seperate versions? but i know when i click to search it's going to bring up all the other types of tabs...its something small and stupid but it'll make it a lot cleaner once you get more songs in there..
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    ^ There is a program wrote into it which will search for duplicates, but it needs to be manually done unfortunatly, so duplicates only get deleted once that particular program is ran.

    Ill do it now.
    Been away, am back
    This is really cool
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    Wow awesome site has some great potential.

    You should definately split the songs into genres for people like me who play guitar but dont want to play rock etc.

    great job
    for some reason, the server has decided to stop working. Im on the phone now to my hosting company trying to get it back online.
    I cant see why its down on my end.

    Just got off the phone, apparently its a DNS problem, however the DNS settings are all set correctly so there getting some engineers to look at it. Hopefully it should be back up and running in a *couple* of hours.
    Been away, am back
    I've just registered, so hi all

    I'm extremely new to the guitar (two lessons and counting!) but am a long time progammer/web-dev.

    Firstly, great concept and a good implemenation of the tool.

    I've got a 3-4 suggestions that would improve things right off the bat, so I was wondering if you have a specific forum to post in or something set up over at SourceForge? I'm assuming you don't want this thread packed with tech jargon and sample code.

    One suggestion I'll throw out there now though is around the linking to the UG tabs link. Maybe its just because I'm new, but getting 20-30 search returns for a single song is overwhelming. I think we could streamline it to grab the top 3 highest rated for that search or accept 3 URLs with the submission and have the top searches statically set.

    In regards to Ajax and searches, you could probably decrease the load on your server (and yourself trying to optimise it! ) by just using plain old search functionality - might even end up faster in the long run considering your DB of songs is only going to increase.
    Its great to have a fellow developer to talk to

    You can PM me the source code if you want Clicky!

    Or feel free to post it in this thread, its only open for users to submit suggestions etc

    Ill be workin on automatic linking to individual UG tabs, but because the program isnt hosted on UGs servers (rather my own) and doesnt have access to the tab database, im a little stumped about displaying tabs. Any suggestions are welcome though

    I've been messing around optimisation. At the moment, the ajax refreshes the data each time a new character is entered, but am thinking of perhaps using a "search" button to refresh the list instead (thus using the functionality of a non-ajax search IE google, and keeping the fact you dont need to refresh the page to display the results).

    At the moment, the load averages on the server aren't that bad. never usually going past 2.0 (unless I make a mistake on a "for" loop ) and 58MB of data transferred in total since i last restarted the server (June 10th).

    Ill set up a sub folder on the server or something if thats easier for you?

    Actually, i've just updated the "display tabs" link URL.
    It will now only display tabs which have either a 4 or 5 * rating, and only guitar and bass tabs (written).
    that should lower the amount of results given.
    Been away, am back
    What type of problem are you having with linking the individual tabs? Couldn't you just have people use straight URLs like ( instead of the search submission? Another option might be to have people upload text files or cut/paste contents into a large text field.

    I think what you're doing is a great idea, but I'm not sure(as a beginner going on 2 months) how useful this is in its current form. The tabs(or music) really need to be more easily accessible or it feels more like an unnecessary hoop to jump through.
    I've made the search alot more specific. Before it just used to search all tabs with that particular song name.

    Now it searches based on the song name and artist, and only return guitar and bass text based tabs, which are 4 or 5*.

    So instead of getting say 200 tabs returned, you now only get say 4-8 of the best ones.

    I cant just link to the individual tab, because the program is self-updating. Meaning, I or bartmetal dont actually need to do anything to it to accept the songs, therefore, when the tab is submitted all the data is automatically generated.

    As for people adding the tab to a text field, Its not really realistic. I've tried to keep the submission form as simple as possible to encourage users to submit songs. Also, Everyone has different ideas of what makes a tab easy, and which one is easy. UG is the biggest tab database on the planet, the web page is only designed to help users look for beginners songs from that database

    The very first "beginner songs" thread was just a list in this forum which would be updated from time to time. Non of the links were linked to anything. It was just a list of songs.
    Been away, am back
    GREAT IDEA!!! I have been on UG for a while and it was hard to try and figure out which songs to get for beginners, this is sooooo helpful, I downloaded the power tab program (free) and then go thru your list and download the power tab versions, helped me alot to be able to hear the tabs while trying to learn them, just a suggestion for other newbies, keep up the great work and thanks a million for all the help finding what is needed
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