Hey guys, what do you think of the Boss HR-2 Harmonist?
I know you need to understand a bit of theory, scales, and intervals and all that to use it to it's potential. But I was wondering what does it harmonize to when you play notes off the scale? Because I play alotof G Harmonic Minor, instead of having Bb and Eb, there's Bb and E is natural. If I set the scale to G Minor or Bb Major, harmonizing in 3rds, What note of harmony would I get if I played Natural E? Would it be the same as Eb? I'm just wondering because I'm considering buying it.

Also: Throw in your opinions on the pedal if you want.

You'd have to buy it used since it has been discontinued. And I haven't heard good things about it.
Boss doesn't make the HR-2 now, it's the PS-5 which has a pitch shifter and a whammy as well as a harmonizer. It's no Digitech Whammy, but it's cheaper.


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The whammy pedal would work well for that

The whammy doesn't actually harmonise in key. It just does intervals.

Someone already told you that in another thread, jesus.
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