Im going to gigantour tonight. it says on my ticket that gates open at 4 and on the date part it says SAT APR 16 2008 4:30 Pm. does that mean the actual concert starts at 4:30? I just wanted to know if i needed to be there right as the gates opened.
You should already be there if you're on the floor

Otherwise, just be there a little before 4pm.

Have a nice show! (I'm seeing Streetlight Manifesto tonight )
Sat April 16? i think you missed it...

but no, thats probably the date you bought the ticket. thats my guess. let me know if im wrong.
Sat April 16? i think you missed it...

Wouldnt that suck...
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i went to gigantour in atlanta and the show started at 5 with high on fire and job for a cowbooy, bodom didnt come on until 7