Has anybody used a Bugera cab yet? How do they sound? I ordered one as kind of a quick fix with my 6262 head and I'm really wondering how they sound. I don't expect much for US$200 but I am curious...
Since you ordered one, I guess you're gonna find out huh?
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Yes I am ya smart ass I was hoping somebody here had one though and could give me the 411 on it. I'm not expecting much really, just something to hold me over till I can affords me a Vader
If they are built pretty sturdy, you could just buy 4 Eminence Legend 1258's and basically have yourself a Vader 4x12. They're about $65 apiece.

Edit: They're not the exact speaker, but they're close.
I never thought about just changing out the speakers. The Bugera cabinet looks nice and is well built. So new speakers might just be all I need...
Wow I really thought someone would own one of these things by now. I can't even find a review. Dang.
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I assume they use Bugera speakers in these cabs, anybody have any opinion on those??

Probably not that great (you get what you pay for), but I believe they're "mediocre", as in not that bad.
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