I am here to speak of the Ninja competition,
It is a tournament in which you can prove your skill and honor.
Winners in these tournaments will get an increased rank.

If you have already joined the Ninja group, then you might have seen this already, If you have not yet the link is in my sig,

Also the link to the Competition Sign-up thread is in my sig.

I need your help though! you cannot have a competition with out competitors, so if you which to compete in this, and show that you are a better Ninja then you are given credit for, Sign-up!

(all links are in my sig.)
No. No matter how many ninjas there are/will be, they are incomparable to the Shinigami.
Samurai, end of the line. Shinigami descended from the Samurai, so naturally they kick ass too.
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... and Shinigami
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so... when is the competition starting?
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Ninjitsu was an art practiced by Samurai, just to be politically correct..
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