Give me your thoughts on wich is better...

Building up individual pedals(distortion, effects, ect.),


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You mean stompboxes vs multiFX?

Stompboxes, always. Unless you're comparing a Behringer stompboxes to a Boss GT-8.
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Depends what you want and your budget.

If you have a nice amp and want to buy some individual pedals, stompboxes.

If you want all your sounds to be in one unit and perhaps don't have as much money to spend, multi-fx.
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A pedal board is a board you place stompboxes on. I assume you mean multi-fx. As happy-and-lost has already stated, single pedals is the way to go.
Well, it truly depends on what you need pedals for. To be honest, if you need lots of effects, but don't have the $1000+ it would cost to get a nice collection of pedals, a multi efx will serve you well. Also, it can make all of you settings available at the pressing of one button, as opposed to tap dancing on a bunch of pedals. And cheaping out on pedals isn't a great idea, because a decent multi efx will stomp an array of crap-tacular pedals.

Now, if you know what sound you want, know what you need each pedal to do, then individual stomp boxes are the way to go. If you don't use lots of effects though, there really isn't any good reason to buy a bunch of individual effects that you might use once or twice every two months.

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This is a dilemma many guitarists have faced. I decided to go the individual pedal route and I couldn't be happier. It allows me to get my own unique sounds and it is easy to set my pedals up to get a certain tone for a song. However it mostly depends on what you want to get out of it and budget. The multieffects can be limited but are cheaper.