here it is:

if your love
was a tree
i'd climb your limbs all day

if your heart
was a sea
your waves wuold only see me play

it takes two hands
to hold a heart
or to touch you with one finger
oh, but our love
holds itself up
oh, an' yes this will linger

and your mind
is a forest
among your trees i'll walk forever

in the sky
I see your eyes
so beautiful an' so clever

(repeat chorus)
I like it, it has an indiesque feel to it, almost like Kimya Dawson. However, definitely needs a bit of work - the chorus needs to flow better...the last line is way too long compared to the rest, or you can extend the lines of the chorus more. Anyways, that's my two cents, but I like what you've done. Keep writing, keep improving and I hope to read more of your stuff in the future.