ok, so the jack on my guitar (the small plug where you insert the chord) was kinda loose and rattling around today, so i tightened it with a wrench, but not too tight.. then i turn my amp on again, and a loud buzzing starts coming out of the amp.. i havent been able to fix it.. any ideas?
Probably twisted the jack and now the leads inside the guitar are shorting...
What kind of guitar is it?
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Ya thats happened to me, all you really have to do is open it up and resolder the wires, assuming you know how to solder stuff. Its really not that big a deal, its an easy fix.
RG2xe ibanez or something like that. its black..

is this a problem i could have taken care of at guitar center? because i dont have any real idea how to solder stuf..
I think you should really learn to solder... Spend like half hour educating yourself.

Soldering is a pretty good thing to be able to do especially if you're an owner of an electric guitar.
well i dont have a soldering iron at my house.. and i unscrewed the part where the jack is and apparently the wire did come off..
if you buy a soldering iron and learn how to solder it will probably cost you as much as it will to get it fixed at a shop.
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ya i went to the hardware store and boght a soldering iron and me and my dad fixed it. thanks guys