Hey guys. I will have to buy effects to my rig. So, i have 2 choices:
1st - Buy a Line 6 POD Pro for 180€ and use it for all my needs.
2nd - Buy a Boss RV-70 Reverb Unit for 60€ and ask to a person to made me a Delay pedal based in the pt2399 delay and a pedal based in the MXR noisegate (the 2 pedal 120&euro.
I only have 180€ to spend for now.

I want the effects to play vai, satriani, and some metal types. Wich will fit my needs better? Need help guys!
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The individual effects would give you more versatility and better quality. How about the T.C electronic G Sharp? After all Vai uses (albeit a more expensive model of) T.C Electronic.
^I had forget to say: i only have 180€ to spend in this moment, and this is the only material i can find used.
I guess I'd get the line 6 then, thats an out of date model though if you want the best you should get the X3. Wait your not using this for amp models are you? If so maybe you should get the Boss GT-10 instead I hear the effects are better. I just don't think the models really compare to the X3.....
They would have more VERSATILITY, but the one's you're talking about buying wouldn't have the quality that T.C use IMO. Their delay and reverb take some beating, at least in my experience.
^ Really? But I read that the compressor of the tc sucks. And later i would have to buy a midi board, wich is expensive :|
Definitely option two. The tone would be astronomically better. Multi-effects are tremendously over-rated and in relaity, sound like ****.
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I'd rather have the POD Pro.
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Check here for specs. on the Pod Pro.


It's loaded with amp and cab modeling, along with all the effects you're after (compression, gate, OD, distortion, modulation, reverb, delay, etc.) You can create your own patches to use whatever you want. You don't have to use everything it offers. If you only want effects, you can turn off the amp and cab models and use it strictly for effects. They're very straightforward and easy to learn. It might be more than what you're after though. Seems like you're looking for just effects, in that case look into the following:

- TC Electronics G-Major
- TC Electronics G-Sharp
- Rocktron Xpression
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^ Amp modeling would be very useful. But the pod pro that i would buy isn't that on the link, is this: http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/oct00/articles/line6.htm . I would like to now if itws sounds good or if its sounds steril and digital.

That's an older version of the Pod Pro that I linked you to. The Pod Pro's are great preamps. They're overpriced, but nice units. What amp do you have? Maybe you should look into a new amp instead of a preamp.
I have an Engl e530 & a Peavey Classic 50/50, and an awseome sound, so I think i need effects now because the engl doesn't have reverb :/ .