Ok, so I'm sure everyone here is well aware of Zakk's flying V, and the custom shop Gibson replica that runs at about the price of your first born, or your testicles. Well, I happened to be running through eBay today, and guess what I saw? An Epi Zakk Wylde V. FR, active EMG's, custom paint, the works! It was pretty awesome. So I go to guitar center's website really fast thinking that maybe I missed it, and Epi had been making one forever (I doubted it, as I look at the site like porn, but that's another story). So after looking through the Epi section a few times, I realized this guitar doesn't seem to exist. I checked the Epi site. Nothing.

What's up with this? Did Epi use to make it and have since discontinued it? It seems like a nice guitar, although something that screamed fake to me was the fact that the pickup selector was on the upper wing, about halfway from the rounded point to the neck. But idk. If this is a total fake of course I won't consider it, but seeing as I've really been looking at the FR equipped V/RR shape for my next guitar lately, this seems to be something that would fit my needs, while not being super expensive.
Can you post a link to it? It sounds like it's either most likely a fake (I don't remember hearing about Epi doing the ZW Flying V, might've happened but I'm sure they haven't) or maybe a possible project guitar. Then again it would say if it was a project guitar.
It's most likely a fake or a one off thing. Guitar companies do a lot of one off models.
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link plz
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Epi only did the LP's on mainline production, as far as I know, no flying V's, although saying that I might of seen some one off ones, but i'm not sure if i've just made that up
a fake- note the "gibson" logo on the headstock

please nobody buy- they are likely to be ripped off
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@vulgarmachine: what the hell would the logo prove? It's not a picture of the actual guitar.

It could be real, but I doubt it.
i would RARELY get a guitar off of eBay anyways... only if it was a totally awesome, top of the line guitar, and the seller was a total retard and listed it at like 30 bucks.

Thanks guys, kinda figured it was sketchy. My mistake on the active pups! And I would more than likely never buy a guitar off eBay unless it was either new or priced incredibly well (which really the only ones that are priced well are normally crap). But I was just wondering figuring if it was a production model that I just missed I could pick one up in stores, but eh. Oh well.

Sorry about not getting back to this topic sooner, I had a bunch of stuff to do and posted this just before I left. That was the one I saw on eBay BTW.

Thanks for the help guys!