I got this from a friend who thought it wasnt worth anything, but it turned out to me over 40 years old! i found it in an online sears catalouge from '67, where it sold for $24.95!

if you have any idea how much this may or may not be worth then please let me know because I might be interested in selling it.


here is a picture, its the lowest one on the left

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your friend was right about it not being worth anything.

you can find them on the bay ranging from $12-70 bucks
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Yep Silvertone were cheap, low quality guitars. Some of their electric guitars are worth money but I doubt that thing is even worth selling. Just keep it and hang it on your wall so you can discuss what its like owning a 40year old guitar.
I have the exact same guitar, paid $30 for it, which is about all its worth. My '67 epiphone jumbo is a different story though...
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