WOO!!! im ****in excited! found out tht im going to GMM this year!!!
**** yeah! the lineup isnt as good as last years or the year before tht..... but still its quite dam impressive!!
I wish I could go but I live waaaay too far away
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It's going to be f*cking AWESOME. Here's the lineup:

I can't express how happy I am about Opeth attending.
yeah man! its f*cking insane!
im just a bit bummed that slayer, carcass n gorgoroth arent attending, but still its some kick ass ****!
aww, why does Australia have to suck so much
i wish we had festivals like this
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Nile AND Opeth AND BEHEMOTH?!?!?!?!?

*kills self*
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I'm going ! little UG-meeting ?


Holy fuck. That's intense. Sunday seems like the best. I wish I lived in Belgium...
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Do you folks like folk?
Morbid Angel on the same bill as A7X, what.............the.......................fuck.
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Im going on friday, i live in geel, about 5 min from the festival. Looking forward to Behemoth, Obituary, Morbid Angel and Nile. The bill sucks compared to the previous years though, there arent enough Thrash or Black metal bands, although im quite satisfied by the number of Death this year.
That's pretty awesome.

It's a shame Download is so ****ty this year, all my friends have tickets for it.
Friday looks great
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Morbid Angel on the same bill as A7X, what.............the.......................fuck.

luckely all those 'true' bands themselves don't seem to mind compared to the internet-elitists.