Hey, got this speed program some weeks ago that will help me play faster. The program got a lot of drills and a adjustable speed curve that makes me play in the right tempo. This is of course great, but with all these drills, i got a problem with how to work myself trough the drills.

The drills is divided into in sections as example scale training, alternative picking training etc.

So you pros out there, what best? go trough 1 drill from every section every day (6 sections) then swap to different drills after a week?

Or work with all the drills in 1 section for 1 week, then swap to another section the next week?

Right now i am using the first alternative, and there might be waste of time to try out the other one. But i don't want to make a big mistake...
you can make your own drills up for speed. just repeat lick. like 1234 then 2354. make up your own dude its easy
From what you explained. My advice would be
Do each SECTION until you get it to a good speed (what you what it to be) CLEANLY. FOR GOD'S SAKE MAKE SURE IT'S CLEAN. Then move onto the next section
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Hey, got this speed program

you mean the guitar speed trainer?

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First thing to get straight is that it WON'T help you get faster, however if you use it correctly it'll train you to become more accurate which will in turn allow you to play faster. Just make sure you don't get too hung up on one particular exercise, remember the aim is to improve your overally playing, you don't just want to be able to play a couple of exercises fast.

You can't actually practice speed on the guitar, all you can do is practice accuracy. You need to master things slowly and gradually build up speed..."practicing speed" to me implies starting out fast and keeping trying to play it fast until you get it right, and that simply doesn't happen.
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